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With the loss of community for two months (or more, who know...

Debra Waybright

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With the loss of community for two months (or more, who knows how the new Community will shake out), whos up for sharing emails to keep the conversations going Not sure about bots that might be trolling us to populate spam lists, so I wont type the symbol

Heres mine: dwaybright at brotherhoodmutual.com

Feel free to reach out to commiserate over lost WF features, puzzle over new WF features, try to solve world problems, etc.

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Hello Debra,

I have given you editor rights.

You should be able to modify stuff in it.

Anybody without rights will be able to view (but not copy / paste nor print).

The URL is : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Er62WFn459eYy_quqwkD5hdeUFCRJ1YWYgbi0RoS0-c/

Let me know if it works now.

Anybody who wants to be added has just to email me and I will add him/her with additional rights.

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