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Anyone know if the ability to schedule multiple .fex 's exis...

Barbara Trowbridge

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Hello Barbara,

WebFOCUS 8.2.07 (later releases, I dont know when exactly) introduced the concept of not only scheduling reports and files, but also to be a master wrapper to schedule other schedules. So if you cant in a single schedule send 5 SFTP schedules, an alternative is to create 5 schedule definitions, and create this master ReportCaster schedules to sequentially trigger the execution and send the results to wherever you need them to go.

Here are some screenshots, in my example

1 procedure (parameterized) of course it could come from 5 totally different procedures.

5 schedules (schedule 1-5, sending individual parameters to the procedure)

1 master schedule that controls the execution of the 5 schedules

Hope this helps



image.png19201080 171 KB



image.png19201080 109 KB

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