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I am currently migrating to 8.207 and I trying to determine ...

Chad Smith

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I am currently migrating to 8.207 and I trying to determine if this is common behavior or something else.

When I launch a fex/HTML in 8.105M from App Studio, the execution occurs almost immediately. The defined browser window pops open and you know the job has fired off. In 8.207, when the same fex/HTML is executed, it takes two to four seconds before the browser window opens. Is this common behavior or something else that I need to look into and make adjustments

My security team tells me they are not running anything on my machine that would cause the delay. Therefore, I need to know if anyone else is experiencing the issue before I push them to research further.

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Yes, I think I see the same issue you are describing.

I went to App Studio Options - Output Viewer Settings - Navigation Options and selected Run in Same Window.

With this selection, subsequent reports, after the first request, render in the expected quick fashion.

It is as if, AS 8207 has a way of opening the browser instance - EDGE - that some type of setup processing occurs on the workstation, before the report can be rendered in the browser.

If the browser is open and available, that work, whatever it may be, doesnt occur.

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