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I have an HTML formatted report that has the HFREEZE StyleSh...

David Briars

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I have an HTML formatted report that has the HFREEZE StyleSheet attribute set to ON in release 8105M.

The HFREEZE has been giving us the vertical scroll bar on the body of our report faithfully for quite a few years now.

Lately, the columns of the body of the report have been misaligned with the Column TITLEs.

As far as I can tell, it happens in Edge more than Firefox, and when the report is larger more than if the report is smaller. (The report volume changes based on user selections.)

The only tweak to the report that fixes the misaligned columns, is to remove the HFREEZE.

Which leads me to my question. Has anyone hooked up CSS/JS code to a WebFOCUS HTML formatted report, giving the vertical scrollbar for the body of the report (freezing the HEADING and Column TITLEs)

If so, and you can share, I would be much obliged.

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