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So some time ago, I had a topic on the fact that EDGE will n...

robert fuschetto

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So some time ago, I had a topic on the fact that EDGE will no longer open files on local Shares. Hyperlinks on WF HTML pages no longer work. I get it its a security thing in EDGE.

We have tried a few things, The latest was creating a single doc, in our case a PowerPoint presentation converted to a PDF. It contained the hyperlinks that no longer work in the WF portal under EDGE. We parked the file on an old SharePoint site we have and linked to it. IT ALL WORKED FINEexcept we are not allowed to house the file on the old siteits being converted to SharePoint 365 site in the coming months. So they built us an new SharpePoint site under 365. The file opens using WF or even directly from the site. However the links now do not work in either case. Something with SharePoint 365 Now we found out SharePoint issues like this are not supported by our IS dept anymore. We are back to square one.

I can feel our WF portal slowly slipping away in favor of something they say is more reporting server orienteda non IBI productwhatever that meansI am not techie enough to understand.

BTW, storing content is baseapp was triedit does not work.

Does anyone, particularly IBI have a solution to this by now If we give up our WF portal in favor of some other softwarewellI dont even want to go there. One of the selling points of WF for us was the single point of service portalit can no longer point to locally stored documents. We again look to IBI or anyone for a detailed solution.


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BTW, storing content is baseapp was triedit does not work.



Works for us. We have lots of Excel reports. Some are prerun from Report Caster and copied to the baseapp folder on the client server (the client and reporting server are different machines). We use a generic .htm pages to open them. Almost all of the reports have links in the heading to an explantion file (a word document saved as an htm file). Everything opens just fine in Edge. Our portal is modeled after our old dashboard. It has about 10+tabs and each tab has anywhere from 4 to over 20 reports, well over 200 reports in all. It all works in Chrome too but I prefer Edge because Edge honors or SSO where Chrome does not.

Also found out something else this morning. For drill down, ON TABLE PCHOLD builds different links than ON TABLE HOLD. ON TABLE PCHOLD has a parameter for the the application folder of the drilldown program to run, ON TABLE HOLD does not and does not work. I got around that by changeing the FOCEXEC parameter to include the application folder, i.e. having FOCEXEC=misc_production/program instead of FOCEXEC=program.

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Hi Robert

Do you know how your local branch people are (if theres still such a thing) I remember seeing cases from Lehigh Valley, so you guys might have been Premium Support at the time. If you are Premium, Id suggest you talk with whoever is your account manager from a corporate level.

Reaching out to your branch seems like a good option because maybe a sales guy might be afraid of losing your revenue. They might have an SE in your area to talk with. At least run it by the guys you bought from. They have a vested interest in keeping things working.

@john.gelona Thats really interesting about the file being built differently depending on HOLD or PCHOLD. Thanks for that! I hope I remember that when it comes up (as Im sure it will eventually).

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