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So I had a topic on the fact that EDGE will no longer open f...

robert fuschetto

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So I had a topic on the fact that EDGE will no longer open files on local Shares. Hyperlinks on WF HTML pages no longer work. Since IBI does not seem to have a recommended solution I was face with abandoning use of their portal in favor of some sort of Reporting Server thingI really can not explain what IT wanted me to do!

A simple solution that would preserve using t he IBI portal was to build a Power Point Presentation slide, format it too look like the HTML page that houses our links to various Excel and Files, embed hyperlinks in the presentation slide, convert to a PDF, store on a sharepoint site and finally add a single hyperlink to this PDF from the HRML page.

It sounds involved, but actually took little time and worked. The only issue we encountered was that the SharePoint site I used for testing could not be used for the masses. IT built me a new Shaprepoint site.

Anyway, I got our new SharePoint site today. I know little about SharePoint but I was able to create a few folders and upload our PDF with emded links. I then changed the Hyperlink on my HTML page to point to the PDF on the new server. The PDF seems to openwell under Edge anywaybut that is where we want to be: Edge. The trouble is when I click a linkNOTHING happens. On the older version SharePoint siteit works fine. Not on the newer version! I did try opening the page in a browserI saw a drop down for thatthat does not work eithernot that I expected it to.

Any thoughts on this

BTW, it really feels like IBI should be addressing thisperhaps letting you load content somewhere into the EDA server area or something. Butxlsb files, among others are not permitted there. I really hate to give up our WF portal.

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I am not convinced it is WF. Again with WF out of the picture, just going to teh SP site and opening the PDF results in a PDF whose links do not work. On the old siteall is fine. I am no expert in SP sites. I can say by analogy, the old site presents itself as a 1980s Camryif you will and the new site as a 2021 Camryso I can think of a myriad of things/setting that could be offmaybe someone has encountered this and will respondotherwise I must open a help desk ticket with our ITthe forum is sometimes faster or at least gets me pointed in the right direction.
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Hi Robert

It might be helpful if you can think of a way to manually make an example document that has the links you want. Then use a non-WebFOCUS html page to launch it. The idea being to remove WebFOCUS from the equation and see if you still hit the same problems.

If so, then its some permissions issues that have nothing to do with WebFOCUS.

Id try to get that working. Then you can compare what you make with the poral versus what you made manually and maybe see where things are different

Sounds like youre running low of options so I thought Id throw out this idea.

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Apologies. WF does not really factor into this latest issue. Quite simply if I open the file with embeded links off the ShaprePoint site running an older version of the software it works fine. Trying to open the same file off the SharePoint 365 siteNo Go! I was just hoping perhaps a WF user who had knowledge of SharePoint might have some thoughts.

As far as throwing out this ideaif you have another let me know. If we cant figure something out then we throw out the WF portal, and that devalues the IBI software over all. Not a good thing long term. We need to make this work. I simply do not possess the tech know how to figure something else out. Our IT dept is not fully vested in IBI at this pointwe hear of other tools having the ability to load files and then provide access. IBI has offered no suggestions or thoughts on how to do this with WF portalsat least to this pointwho would have thought something so simple as a hyperlink would cause so much aggravation.

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