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Has anyone noticed anything severe with 8207.28.05 Have you...

john cullen

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Has anyone noticed anything severe with 8207.28.05

Have you seen a showstopper that would keep you from upgrading

We did upgrade to 8207.26, and been troubled by the InfoAssist issue jumbling code.

That is supposed to be fixed in 8207.28, but we are finding not 100% fixed. (about 80% fixed)

I do need at least that partial fix, so we are looking at updating to the latest 8207.28.05 (plus hotfix for logj4)

Do you know any reasons to avoid an update to 8207.28.05

I figure the forum is a good place to ask.

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Hey John

I think the .28 release is pretty nice. Safe to go there as far as Ive seen.

I also like the integrated administration part.

I cant anything new about .06 - we know its supposed to have the newer log4j files, but Im not sure what else.

In any case, this is the one well need to install to get the new log4j fixes.

Maybe these release notes will be updated soon:









21.94 MB

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Hey Toby

I am asking becuase I got burned in 8207.26. InfoAssist saving the code out of order problem, &DATEHYYMDstr issue to name two. We put 8207.28 on DEV, seems better.

I thought I would ask the board about 8207.28.05 out of caution, if anyone knew any showstoppers. I really havent found a new issue. Im not trying to ask if it is nice or better. I am only looking for issues found that Im not aware of. And of course, 8207.28.06 is now out.

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I get that John - Im not the best to say since I dont really lean on a lot of the tools like most shops do.

I will say it looks like the filename is still not available in the list in .06:


I just got parts of 06 installed and now have to go do our custom security servlet changes.

10 machines to update do today

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