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WebFOCUS/8207.28.05/HF-001 download not found on website or ...

Muhammad Asif 3

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the hotfix 001 for the log4j problem was using the 2.15 release of log4j

yesterday TIBCO began working on a hotfix that will use the 2.16 release of log4j which Apache indicates is a better solution.

Not sure if it posted yet.

to answer your question 8207.28.05 does not have the fix. That release of log4j is 2.14

our companys solution patch systems (windows) until we get a permanent vendor supplied solution with the correct log4j release is to apply the system environment variable.


Value : true

This is a solution proposed by Apache. It will work for 8206 which has log4j 2.11 and 8207 which has log4j 2.14.

It is a patch to the problem and the vender supplied solution with the correct files is best

For those with windows and need an idea of what I am talking about here is a screenshot from one of my systems where is it applied:


image.png752663 114 KB

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