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What is the Web Browser of choice for 8207.28. We have seen...

Kristi Carter

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We are migrating from 8008 to 8207.28 and the only broswer that works with all of our existing stuff is IE (go figure, the unsupported browser works the best). In App Studio if you set the output viewer to Edge and test browser setting, we get an error saying the browser is too new. Chrome has that extremenly annoying warning about the browser being controlled by a test program. In Chrome or Edge, the browser becomes unresponsive when I try to access the Security tab in the Admin Console. We are a SSO shop and Chrome is alway asking for a user id and password when one opens it, Edge and IE dont. If I had to choose, I think Id choose Edge with IE as a backup for the stuff where Edge doesnt work. And yes, I have several problem reports open.
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Thanks John for you feedback. We are currently upgrading to 8207.28 and we recommend to the business to use Chrome and never have really had any issues with it, however during our testing of this new version we have noticed a few odd things that are an issue in Chrome, but then run it in Edge and it works fine.

We also found an issue with SSL being turned on and now that that is finally fixed, so far Chrome seems to work now with the original issues we were seeing.

Kind of confusing now to confirm which one we should be using.

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Hi John,

If by SSO shop you mean you use Active Directory/Windows Authentication, this is the default behavior for Chrome (and Firefox). They dont pass Windows credentials to websites by default. If you were to access your portal using servername:port instead of domain name, Chrome (and Firefox) would log you in without a prompt.

To address this, you can make some changes in Chrome (or Firefox) to pass the Windows credentials to specific domains. Or you can get IT to push out a new Group Policy that would make those changes. Details here: https://specopssoft.com/blog/configuring-chrome-and-firefox-for-windows-integrated-authentication/

As for the original question, I use Chrome because I use Chrome for everything. The only exception is I have App Studio setup to use IE because the integration seems to work better.

Hope this helps,


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Kristi, since we are coming from 8008, we are still using the old Dashboards. Weve had 8207.26 up in Test for a while and have developed a portal that pretty closely matches the look and feel of the dashboard. For the users, I think most of them are using Chrome and/or IE but they dont like how Chrome doesnt open stuff without saving it to their Downloads folder first so Ive had to write up instructions on how to get Chrome to automation open Excel and PDF report (99% of our stuff is Excel). Weve had numerous instances where they try to open or run a report in Chrome and one from several days ago opens because it is cached. They rerun in IE and they get the correct one. I havent really tested this with Edge but I havent noticed it happening.
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