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Hello, I want to remove special characters from the alphanum...

Devendra Singh 4

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Refining Debras suggestion

First you have to find the HEX / DECIMAL value of the invalid character.

See if you can get a copy of the raw data, then display the field in HEX in notepad++

Or, you can make a defined field, converting all the characters to hex.

Once you know your bad character, make a define of the unprintable character.

Here is an example when I had some non-breaking spaces that caused issues.

A non-breaking space is HEX A0, Decimal 160. You cant type it, so you have to define it.

HEX_A0/A1 = HEXBYT(160,A1);

fieldname/A10 = REPLACE(fieldname,HEX_A0, ';

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If you are on Linux or UNIX you and use the sed command to replace bad characters/strings in the whole file. For example, we import a file from an external agency to update our database. They have Boolean fields in the data. Sometimes, in the same field, they have TRUE or FALSE and sometimes they have 1 or 0. This is a comma delimited file so I use the sed command to change all the ,TRUE, to ,1, and all the ,FALSE, to ,0,. This is much easier than waiting on them to fix their programs.
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