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Hi Everyone, Was wondering if anyone has been able to handle...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hey Warren

I just use the timeout settings from the admin console under Configuration / Application Settings / BI Portal.

IBI_SIGNOUT_REDIRECT_URL is the older setting that I see in my 8105m environment.

The old 8105m security manual talks about the signout redirect URL. Looks like now (8207 manual Im looking at) this has moved to the Client Admin Console / Security Tab / Security Zones / Authentication / Options (from a menu on the right).

Does that help any


image.png1547661 92.7 KB


Im sure you already saw all this in the security manual, but I couldnt find any better ideas than letting the idle timeout kick in, then Auto Signoff should happen, which should fire off your custom logout URL.

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any news on this If I am understanding, there is a timeout. When this happens with us (someone leaves a session open too long) they get a big nasty error 401 and then they typically can not get back in unless they:


Close IE and reopenand if that does not work

Use Task Manager to find and kill the sessionand if that does not work



This all started for us with 8206 and its a PITAwe get calls all the time.

So if there is a way the set the timeout to be longer and / or upon a timeout redirect the user to, say our network HTML page, I would love specifics. I could then pass them along to our IS support for implementation.

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The screenshot is from 8207 .26 but 8206 should also have these features.

You can control the session management expiration settings from Client Admin console.

Application Settings --> Bi Portal .

Clicking the will explain the details for each option.

You have to specify the logout url in the Security Options. Once the session expire and if you enable automatic signout option it should redirect to logout page.


image.png1621910 261 KB

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Support suggested the Custom Logout option under security. It seems to work on 8207.27.03, but does not not 8207.27.11,

In the process of testing 8207.28

In saying this, .11 seems to capture and redirect when the signout button is clicked. But isnt when the session expires or is invalidated. No idea if its our environment or the software.

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