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Is there a way to add an image or logo to a report from with...

Debra Waybright

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I tried the following, it works for HTML output in InfoAssist.

I added a Define to the Master file (you would do this for each master your users were reporting from and wanted to do a logo). I assume everyone has this image automatically with installation.

DEFINE wflogo/A50 = '<img src=/ibi_apps/ibi_html/web.gif>'; $


Then the user in InfoAssist does these two things:


Click the Procedure settings button


and set HTML Encode to Off


You may be able to default this setting in the Administration Console, so the user doesnt have to, however, this may have unintended consequences with other reports.


In Report | Header & Footer reference the Defined field.


The report output looked like this for me:

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and set HTML Encode to Off



It seems like image path wrong.

image stored in app folder ( Add approot/ Prefix and path of your image)


<img src="approot/**baseapp/images/co_logo.gif**">

image stored in content folder ( add /ibi_apps/wfirs/IBFS/WFC/Repository/ as prefix and add your image path)


<img src="/ibi_apps/wfirs/IBFS/WFC/Repository/**ADSU/style/adsu_digital.png**">

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