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Im working in InfoAssist (version 8207.27), and I am simply...

Ben Maxwell

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Im working in InfoAssist (version 8207.27), and I am simply trying to join 2 hold files which reside in foccache.

In a nutshell, my join looks like this.


However when I try to bring one of the fields from the HOLD_BOG_STRCT table into an InfoAssist Report or Chart I get this nasty message


What is the best way to resolve this Something similar in App Studio doesnt seem to pose any difficulties.

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I agree with Rene - usually that error happens because the file you want has not been re-created. But there is another way I have seen this which is suppose you have a dashboard that is run at first and it has two fexs (A and B) each of which creates a foccache file. When your session initially connects to a server - there is no foccache ticket passed in so there is no space set up. When a fex attempts to access foccache and there is not a preexisting foccache there - it will create one on the fly and the foccache ticket is returned.

So when fex A and B are both fired off initially - their connection will each get their own focache space - and they will return different tickets. The last ticket returned will be the one retained. So when a subsequent fex runs, it will have either the A hold file or the B hold file. But there is a solution for this which is to get the foccache ticket set up at signon. There is a client configuration parm called something like IBFS_SIGNON_PATHS that can contain a list of fexs paths that are run at signon. So making a simple fex that creates anything in focccache (write a .txt file) will get the ticket assigned.

The other use of signon paths is that a fex can return msgs that will be added to the signin msg for the user. You can use that to broadcast information to some user groups and not others, etc.

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