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We are going through an upgrade to WF 8.207 27 and I was won...

Ben Maxwell

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I am actually really surprised the option to create a master file is no longer available in App Studio!!! The only way I could find an option to create a new synonym (Master File) was to use the Data Management console on the server where the reporting server is installed.


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Does anyone else have a way within the WebFOCUS environment

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I just have been told this morning by my local rep that after 8207.22, AS is no longer giving the ability to edit via text editor a master file. But that AS no longer give ability to create master, its also new for me.

So he suggest me to use 8207.22 version at the latest for AS if I want to keep the text editor working for master file within AS.

He also told me that it seems to be planed to remove master file maintenance from AS

So maybe 8207.27 is the version that now exclude this feature from AS

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