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Im using Search Bars on an HTML for my first time in App St...

Ben Maxwell

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Im using Search Bars on an HTML for my first time in App Studio.

When I run a simple CARS report (before applying any search criteria), I get the nice all option to bring all results into the window to the right.


However when I do a search for the letter D, only Audi becomes checked, and there is no ALL option which would pass AUDI and DATSUN into the report.


I understand I can simply check DATSUN and call it a day. But in practice I may be searching for something which has 30 hits, and I cant see myself asking the user to check 30 boxes. Plus there is a real chance where a box can accidentally remain unchecked.

In short is there a way to apply an all option to the matching criteria of D

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Hello everyone,

yes it is possible when using the WebFOCUS Page Designer, using the Assemble Visualizations.

Here is the control in action


image.png472509 13.2 KB


To set it up, please


Create the procedure with parameters

Click on Assemble Visualizations

Add the procedure to the page, a parameter alert will show

Add the parameter to the page

Change the properties of the parameter as per screenshot


image.png1033720 40.6 KB





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