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We were told 8207.27 would be out at the end of March, then ...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Thanks Jennifer

I too have been looking every day for it to show up. At first I had heard it was mostly a branding effort and some licensing tightening so I wasnt that interested. I am installing 8207.26 on 12 machines this weekend since I decided to give up on waiting for .27.

The end of the week comes and goes


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We were told on the user conference on Wednesday on this question two things


instructions would go out that same week (last week) with the coming plans

the software would be out in days and not weeks


I know there are new policies in place, but the company is asking us to trust them.

In February, there were comments made that 8207.27 would be out in March

That did not happen

We were told that there would a letter going out to the customers before the end of the week

that did not happen

We were told that this would be in days and not weeks.

We are waiting to see how that turns out.

We too are waiting for the 8207 features for a dozen of our systems.

Come Wednesday, the days not weeks will become weeks

We will see, but based on the past February, March, and April comments, I am not holding my breath

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The letter from Tibco on the new download process has been sent out

for 8207 software, one will need to go to the Tibco edelivery page to download it

The software is available now to download, However

Contacts at your company who are active in Customer Support and have utilized the ibi Download site, will receive an email within the next few days, which will initiate the registration process and facilitate access to the eDelivery site.

So, it looks like it will be a few days before any WebFOCUS user can begin the registration process and get access to the eDelivery site to download the software

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Looks like one of mine was addressed.


WebFOCUS fails to startup when the Repository is down for maintenance. Should have a way to configure the number of Repository reconnect attempts and interval between attempts. (200421085)


I need to read up on the process of installing. not sure that I want to take on anything new right now though. I do like the look of the cluster monitoring thats described in the WFRS new features. Thatll be handy if it works.

Hope they fix the docs / product when you look at Cluster Managers properties. Ive opened a case about this. Theres a JIRA in the works to fix up the docs to reflect what the product does now. Just dont be surprised if the docs dont match the product for now (as of 8207.26).

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