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First time trying Design Studio! There is a parameter on th...

robert fuschetto

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First time trying Design Studio! There is a parameter on the page: Company. I want to set a default and when the page opensand have the page auto populate immediately.


When I run the page, nothing happens till I choose a company and click out side the parameter box.

It wont let me set the default for Company. Its greyed out.

Can I move the Company parameter to the SIDE of the page

Id liek to add our logo to the page arewont let medrop the jpeg up there.


WE ARE 8206!


image.png1796643 39.2 KB

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I think I would be recommending upgrading to 8207.

Turn option on and the default should not be greyed out. (works this way in 8207)

Ive seen parms on the side in demos but not sure how. Could be a template that supports it.

Is this just a page (visualisation) if so, you can set the logo at the portal level.

You may also be able to do something at a CSS level for logo as well.

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For a logo, I was able to get it to work this way. Create an image fex like this:


<body style="overflow:hidden;"> <!-- Forces it not to show scroll bars, regardless of image size.-->

<img src="/ibi_apps/run/ibfsIBFS_path=/WFC/Repository/Public/designer/informationbuilders02.jpg" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;"></img>



Then you can drop the image fex onto your Designer canvas.

And then you will probably want to turn off the Title and Toolbar:


image.png722167 23.7 KB

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