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I have a report with over 90 fields that I need to fit on a ...

Peter Vazny

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I have a report with over 90 fields that I need to fit on a single page. I successfully stuck most of them into a subfoot, with 1 to 4 rows of detail. Everything was working properly until I added a page header. Now the subfoot prints on a separate page, even though there is plenty of space to fit it below the detail. When I switch the subfoot to subhead, it fits on a single page including the detail. The problem is that the column headings are above the subhead and completely useless since the actual detail starts 36 lines below.

I either need to force the subfoot not being printed on the next page and if necessary split across two pages, or print it as subhead but put the column headings below the subhead. I need this to work in PDF.

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When you added your page header, did you try reducing the margins Did you add the heading with this:


or this:


Not sure if it would make a difference to use one or other other.

You could put the column headings in the subheading with the previously subfooted data if nothing else works.

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I believe the margins are already at the minimum value. I used Page Header in InfoAssist, which turns out to be HEADING. ON TABLE SUBHEAD turns out to be equivalent to Report Header in InfoAssist. But as I was playing with it I realized that it has to do with the custom style sheet I applied to the footer to align the values in columns. When I remove the style sheet, it fits on one page. I will need to play with that a little.

I still wish there was a way to split subfoot over two pages.

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Hi Peter

Sounds like youre on the way to getting this to work.

If you do a SET ALL - is your PRINTPLUS set to ON

I dont know what relationship PRINTPLUS will really have, but I read that it doesnt work with stylesheets. I wondered if thats a factor

You can read more about PRINTPLUS in the command language reference manual.

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I ended up moving the subfoot into heading, decreasing the font size and reducing line spacing via TOPGAP and BOTTOMGAP in the stylesheet. I found an old forum post that mentioned that for it to work in PDF, SQUEEZE had to be set to OFF.

PRINTPLUS is ON by default. I will play with PRINTPLUS when Ill encounter a report that could use it. However, reading through the things that PRINTPLUS=ON fixes, I am a bit hesitant to turn it off.

Thank you for suggestion.

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