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Good afternoon (CST). It was explained to me that sometime i...

Bentley Pearson

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I suspect that this variable is probably assigned from a profile somewhere based on certain criteria or from an internal security module.

It is hard to tell where it comes from but it doesnt look like an IBI variable.

You can search your whole system (RS and Domains) for MYGROUP.

You will probably find an assignation somewhere in a fex, master file

To search RS, you can use any search tool such as UltraEdit since what is in RS is kind of text document (fex, mas, )

If you repository is in a SQL DB, you can perform global search using below code


T2.PRT_PATH AS 'Location',

T2.OBJNAME AS 'Object Name',

'IBFS:' + T2.PRT_PATH + '/' + T2.OBJNAME AS 'Full IBFS path'

FROM <YourRepoDBname>.dbo.WF_CONTENT_REVS T1




ORDER BY 1, 2, 3

The you will have to search for existing profile that can contain that variable

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Hi Bentley

Welcome to myibi!!!

The use of !IBI.AMP.variablename; is the way to reference a pre-defined WebFOCUS variable directly in a HTML page. I agree with Martin in that there is some profile either _site_profile or the global profile edasprof.prf that assigns that variable based on some sort of lookup. I dont know why this reference would not work in 8.2.xx but frankly I havent tried it. Can you post the code for the entire html page so I can try it on my 8.2.06 system

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Hey Chuck, I do say I love the new format LOL. Ok, it now makes more sense. So, all !IBI.AMP.variablename variables are predefined by the installed system. SO, I am trying to get Martins sql to work. I am a IBM system I db2, our ANCIENT query tool, showcase, does not support BLOB fields BUT I think IBI/WF SQL passthrough in a fex will! I setup SQL pass through fexes all the time, that is the extent of my fex knowledge. IF I can get this to work, I can use this function for all sort of system queries. Working on the passthrough fex now but having some parenthesis issue.
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Good afternoon (CST). It was explained to me that sometime in the distant past, we had a html page that had a button on it that was visible only to a select group of users. At some point in the more recent past (all prior to me so at least 6 years ago) the html was revised to remove this show/hid button from the html page. The Java script the lead developer shared with me that she used way back when contained this code: ( do not speak JAVA script,. I am a sysadmin/dba/sec ofr so this is all greek to me!

//Begin function window_onload

function window_onload() {


var hideit = !IBI.AMP.MYGROUP;;

if (hideit == NA)




else {



// TODO: Add your event handler code here

//add onInitialUpdate() function to make changes before initial run of the reports


//End function window_onload

I have a case open IBI Case# 210219069. The response from support was that this is not possible at 823 or 826(my two environments). What is IBI.AMP.MYGROUP Can someone point me to the correct manual on the technical book site so I can search more I searched focal point but did not get any valuable results. I did explain to tech support that the developer is certain this can be done at 823/826 and why she does not use this java script is beyond me. With the reenginnering of WF at 8.2 would this JS not work Was the IBI.AMP.MYGROUP removed Thanks for all advice/comments

Bentley Pearson


University of Alabama Health Services Foundation

Birmingham, Al

Prod: 823 (today soon 826)

Dev: 826

Test: 826

separate partitions/virtual machines for RS and Tomcat web servers-ReportCaster (prod only). AIX platform. IBM systemI hardware. DB2 backend db.

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As this seems to be a composer page, we do something similar, pass in variables to the HTML page.

This is done via a fex that returns an HTML page that sets variables that the HTML page can read in.




<script type=text/javascript>

function OnLoad() {


var prepParms=[];

prepParms.push("{variable name attached to the control}=&variable");

window.sessionStorage.setItem("composerSaveParameters", prepParms.join("^AS^"));





<body onload="OnLoad()">

<form name="temp" method="get" action="/ibi_apps/WFServlet">

<input type="hidden" name="IBIMR_savedParamFile" value="IBIMR_savedParamFile"/>

<input type="hidden" name="IBFS1_action" value="RUNFEX"/>

<input type="hidden" name="Rand" value="&DATE|&TOD"/>

<input type="hidden" name="IBFS_path" value="{html file location}"/>






You could also use javascript to just read the session storage item directly as well.

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