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Hello All I am looking for any tutorials or videos that show...

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello All

I am looking for any tutorials or videos that shows how to build Portal using App Studio I did find videos using Designer tool but I am looking to create Portals with tabs for different application and tab for RC Library etc using App Studio

would appreciate if anyone knows the links for these and would like to share


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I am trying to replace what we have in 8.1.5M Views where users login and they are presented to Views they have access to

image.png75490 6.44 KB


It provides access to different reports for each group plus access to Library

I created Portal in 8.2.7 I can run different reports trying to figure how I can display Library Link

In App Studio I was referring to BIP

image.png927208 22 KB



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Hi Naeem

I think the plan is to focus more on building Pages than on building a whole Portal.

Looks like you have some older BIPs - are they working for you in 8207 Just curious. We converted ours from V3 to V4 (collaborative BIPs) so we can see them without having to go to the Legacy View. They mostly work - we did have to go fix a few things though.

Also, if youre making a new portal, if youve got 8207.24 or higher, the new (to 8207) Workbench widget is in there so you can display a list of reports on the left and your output window on the right. Looks like you might want that.

Were doing a similar thing where we want to see the Deferred Status on a separate tab too.

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Thank you Toby info you provided is what I was looking for No they dont even show up in 8207 we have been using View Builder generated Dashboards which worked in 8.1.5M as these were created in ver 7.6.12 But moving to 8.2.7 I read that these Dashboards are not available and it did not convert either . as I did not see them in 8.2.7 so my first priority is to have the users access their reports / library as we have reports that are run via scheduler

Yes we have 8207.24 I will try Workbench widget that is what I need and it will provide the same functionality that we are providing today in 8.1.5M

Thanks a lot for your help

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No problem Naeem

I think youll like it better. The old BID dashboards were so inflexible.

You can elect to try the new Portal Pages or use a Collaborative Portal (this is the older technology). Were using collaborative portals instead of the new Portals at present, but I hope to get us going on the newer stuff soon.

I guess just start with making pages (assembling visualizations) and later try to build a portal to hold your pages.

One tip - I dont want you to do like me and get too deep in this, but since you cant see the source code for your portal pages, what I do is make a CM export package to read whats being placed in the pages. If youre curious about it, you can see how they work.



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Thank you Toby since I wear multiple hats here so I was busy with other issues I have already created pages now going thru Remediation and I like the new Portal Can I convert the existing Portal to Collaborative portal Yes I will Try the CM export package to see what goes in the pages

Since I did the upgrade and focusing on the portal I just noticed that our Reportcaster Library has all the folders and versions but when I click on the version it does not bring any report before I did the upgrade I had our production repository copied over to our SandBox environment where I did the upgrade Installation process migrated the repository to the new 8.2.7 repository RC Library does not have the actual pdf files of the reports

Would be curious to know if you or anyone had this issue


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