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Hi, Im a new WebFocus user trying to work with developed pr...

Gavin Sumpter

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Melinda, the link that you provided earlier is not working- is that a function of the support migration, or just a temporary blip. I went to the Tibco site, under education, and I see options for Jaspersoft and Spotfire, but not WebFOCUS. If you or anyone else knows where the course listing previously at https://education.informationbuilders.com/course-catalog/ may be found, appreciate the help. Thanks, Steve
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Sarah, this is a good start, but if I go to the site, and filter on IBI WebFOCUS, I get a total of six classes, three of which are bundles, which I am not interested in. If I dont filter, I get ALL Tibco classes. any idea when the old class list that the earlier cited url referred to will be available I am trying to register for individual classes for my team. Thanks, Steve
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struggling to understand the language



Check out the TIBCO WebFOCUS Reporting Language Primer for an excellent introduction.


I always liked the code - report display - code - report display model of of the WebFOCUS manuals.

When I was learning the WebFOCUS Reporting Language a IB staff member gave me a great tip: Type in the examples from the manual, and compare your results to what the manual shows. Like any language you have to speak it as well as read it. Of course youll make mistakes, and that is good, as that is how you learn. Also, youll be curious and will change the examples around, and then get to see how your changes change the report display.


work with developed programs


No doubt the focexecs you are seeing have Dialogue Manager. Dialogue Manager is the secret sauce of the WebFOCUS language that controls the execution of your focexec. It also enables you to make your focexec dynamic; reacting to user actions, environment, state, For DM youll want to read Chapter 5 of the Developing Reporting Applications manual.


image.png836328 82.4 KB


Same idea, enter in the examples you see in this chapter and play around with them.


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Steve, I see what you mean about the filtering issue. I will let the team know.

In the meantime, to see all the currently offered ibi courses, go to the TIBCO Course List and either:



Enter ibi in the Keyword box and click Search.



Scroll through the Course Name list box. There you will see the offered ibi courses. See screenshot below for reference. Select the one you are interested in and click Search to view the course description.


image.png503547 48.4 KB




On the course description pages, there are options to Register Self and Register Other(s)/Group.

If you still encounter issues with the site or registration, or have questions, please reach out to ibi-registrar@tibco.com for further assistance.

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