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In Report Caster 100% of our task are Report Server Procedur...

John Gelona

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In Report Caster 100% of our task are Report Server Procedures. Anyone know how to set that as the Default for new task instead of WebFOCUS Report Ive searched all through configuration and havent found anything.

In Dev Studio, when one selects Default File Editor as Edit in Text Editor that become the highlighted default so if you double click and item, it opens in the text editor. If you right click an item it Edit in Text Editor is bolded and at the top of the list. In App Studio, you can make the same selection but if you double click an item it still want to open in the tool and right clicking doesnt change the drop down list. Anyone know how to change this so it behaves like Dev Studio (Needless to say, I never use the GUI for anything and I cant find one thing about App Studio that is an improvement over Dev Studio).

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Hi John - Welcome to myibi!

For the ReportCaster setting you can do that from the ReportCaster console under the Configuration tab. Click on General Preferences and then on the folder to the right of scheduled tasks


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For app studio I dont find any settings to change that, Since you are strictly a text editor kind of guy I might suggest using the Data Management console for your development. You will find an icon for starting it under the Information Builders / WebFOCUS 82 App Studio folder, Then under the WebFOCUS Server for App Studio folder. When you open it it will show you your WebFOCUS Environments to work with.


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