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Hello. I am working in AppStudio to create an html page. T...

Todd Van Valkenburg

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Ok, I inspected the code using Chrome and see that this value (Panel_2_1) is the name assigned to the iframe element. So at least I have figured that out. I tried it again with the proper name value but I still see the same behavior when I go to the tab the very first time (i.e. it appears to refresh the page twice, once with the report and then once when the html is loaded).

Still searching for a better way since it is annoying to see bar charts display and then disappear and then display again.


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Hello. I am working in AppStudio to create an html page. This html page will be used by a portal to supply the parameters need to run all reports on a portal page.

What I am noticing is a strange refresh behavior where the portal page appears to be refreshing multiple times when you navigate to the page. Doing some searching in FocalPoint and found an article that may help. The solution, in part, was to set a frameArray variable in the refreshReports which in turn is a parameter to parent.BipIframeInterface.refresh.


Something like this:

function refreshReports(){

var name = this.window.name;

var frameArray = [Panel_2_1];

parent.BipIframeInterface.setAllAmpersValues(name, IbComposer_getAllAmpersValues());

parent.BipIframeInterface.refresh(parent.BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ARRAY, name, frameArray);


But I can not figure out what Panel_2_1 refers to.

Thank you.


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Hi Todd,

Edit your portal and navigate to the container using the breadcrumbs or clicking on the container directly in edit mode.

In the bottom left corner you should see 3 tabs Properties/Title/Content.

Select the Content tab, on the WebFOCUS Resource input box give it a name, this is the name that you can reference in the frame array.

There are different arguments:

BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ALL:All Frames

BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_SELF_ONLY:Just the current frame

BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ALL_BUT_SELF:All except the current frame

BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ARRAY: Specific list (array) of frames

BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ALL_BUT_ARRAY: Frames not in the list (array) of frames

You can also refresh just the current pages/tabs or all pages/tabs.

See more here: Documentation


Clayton Peacock

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