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Is there a system variable with the table name available, wi...

steve hodos

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Is there a system variable with the table name available, without having to to -SET &TABLE_NAME for every focexec The table name exists, because Resource Analyzer knows about it. We know the user name, and can grab that any number of ways. We know filters, because all the <REQUEST.variables are available for text: why isnt the TABLE name available- this seems like it would be simple system variable to provide

Also, I just did a search from the OLD TechSupport site (and the AppStudio online help) for REQUEST.SORT_KEYS_CONTEXT - nothing comes up. So, for fans of focexec documentation: these are some VERY handy tools>


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At first I thought you were looking for the procedure name (&FOCFEXNAME). I dont think that there is a programmatic way to find this as there could be multiple primary masters / queries per procedure. You may be able to get some of this from resource manager or by querying the repository but I dont think there is a system variable or function to get a single master name for a procedure.
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Not sure if thisll be exactly what you want, but if you right click the fex and look at Properties under the Query Detail the first thing youll see is the Master Files. So, if your goal is to quickly find out what master is used in the report/chart, thats one way to find out. Admittedly, I dont know of a way to have the master populated into a variable but Ive not run into a use case for it either.
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Hey Steve!

Thats some cool stuff - the REQUEST. info Never seen that before.

If you had an &variable that has the TABLE name in it - youd have to check it after each request since the master file being referenced could change anytime.

I bet such a thing exists and is being used by Resource Analyzer. Let me look around a little to see if I can find anything. Im not at IBI anymore (as of early 2017), so visibility to the coding is pretty tough.

I bet its there somewhere.


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Hi Steve

I think this would be a good NFR to send in. Not sure what youd use it for, but lets say you wanted to have an ON TABLE SUBFOOT trailer page come out on a report someone built in IA for example Maybe itd be handy for debugging.

I found some references to these variables in the compiled code, but of course I cant make much out of them. Internally these seem to be called:










I tried making a report to show me what was might be in REQUEST.NONE and REQUEST.LAST (since I saw the naming convention), but that just have errors.

IOH_MASTER is what youd like to have exposed

If you want to open a case about this - aim it and the Reporting Server people (EDA) so Jareds people get it. If you put it in under WebFOCUS, itll just be lost on them. This is magic thats happening on the WFRS. I bet if Art Greenhaus was still around, hed know of some random thing to get it.

Other ideas - its work, but if you only have a few Master files to keep up with, you could try adding a master file profile to those Masters Make each one run a fex that just sets your &TABLENAME like you want. Then - anytime anybody refers to that Master - the &TABLENAME will end up being populated.

If you get anywhere, let us know.



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