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Flag Email with High Importance

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If you put something specific in the 'Subject:' like '[URGENT]' can:

  1. your MS Outlook server team do something like set the importance if it sees '[URGENT]' in the 'Subject:'?
  2. your MS Outlook users create a rule, moving anything with '[URGENT]' to a certain folder? 
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@John Gelona  Not in ReportCaster but what about using EDAMAIL might help you in the short-term, I would definitely log a NFR so this functionality can be included in ReportCaster.

See developing reporting applications manual for syntax:

EX EDAMAIL to=addresslist, [toaddr= {addresslist|%[app/]addresslist.fex}, ] [cc=cadrlist1,]      [ccaddr=cadrlist2,]      [bccaddr=bcadrlist,] [from=address,] [fromaddr=address,] [replyto=address,] [importance=low|normal|high,] [subject=string,] [flags=value,] [filetype=extension,] [filename=file,] [message=body message]



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