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Control With of Columns On Portal Page Displaying Objects.

David Briars

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On a portal page, I would like to extend the width of the 'Title' column, because I see ellipsis, and know that there is more title goodness to see.  I would like to decrease the width of the 'Summary' column, because there is only teeny weeny 'Summary' text there.   

When I cursor over the columns titles I can control sort order.  And I see no way to control column width.  


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On our WebFOCUS release 9.1.0 on the search results page, I can hover over the separator line on the search results screen and see the mouse cursor change to a <-||-> pointer and then I can change the width. After adjusting the width of the Name column:


Your screenshot looks a little different so yours must be a different release where this resizing feature is not implemented. 

As an alternative, I tried hitting the gear icon and removing the display of some of the columns, thinking that would make room for the others. Nope, doesn't work. 

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Thanks for your comments, David.

I am on release 8207.  

Yep, my expectation is that the mouse cursor would change to a <-||-> pointer and then I would be able to change the column width.  

I wonder if there is a way to change the width in 8207?    

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