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Chaining issue 9.1.1

Erin Trotter

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I have a visualization page that I've created in 9.1.1 that has several parameters that I have chained together.  For example Department -> Division -> SubDivision

However, when I select a department, it does filter the division, but it does NOT filter the subdivision.  I have to filter division otherwise, subdivision shows ALL subdivisions even though they don't exist under the Department.   The way I chained them was by dropping the child filter on top of the parent and it looks correct visually (indented as it goes down the list) in the filters section.  Is there something else that I need to do to make these controls filter even if the user decides they want to jump straight from Department to Subdivision?  Or is it possible?

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Hi @Erin Trotter,

Just to confirm, did you have each filter one within the other, like in the image?


I wasn't able to replicate the behavior (see attached gif), so maybe there are some particular details that are different in how I set it up:

  • I was using 9.1.2 since I don't have access to a 9.1.1 environment, but they should be pretty similar
  • The fields I used are not in a hierarchy in the Master File business view, but they are part of the same segment

You can see in the video below that there is a brief separate reloading of values on the Author Name drop-down after I set only the Author Language.  If you are not seeing this, there may be some issue with chaining that we can look into

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So the strange thing is that this works on one of my dashboards, but not on the other.  Neither of my synonyms have hierarchy in them either.  The parameters are indented just like yours but, for your example, if I changed Author Language and skipped over country, it would show all authors as if I never filtered the Author language.  I will see if I can replicate it with the car file

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Well, instead of going the CAR file route, I added the parameters in the actual fex that is displayed on the dashboard using the "WITHIN" keyword in addition to chaining them in the dashboard.  Now they work correctly.  It is just strange how sometimes that works without doing the WITHIN and other times it doesn't.  I was using a reporting object at first in the fex, so I thought maybe that was the case, but I have another dashboard using a reporting object and it works just fine.  

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It seems that the pattern with it working or not working has to do with whether or not you just accept the default sources for the parameters or if you decide to change the source of the parameters to something else (in the instance that you want to display a description to the user to choose from rather than a code.  when you do this, it breaks the chain and the parameters are only chained to the one directly after it and no further than that even though everything is set up correctly.

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Hi Erin and Robert,

I believe I may have a solution, if I understand the use case correctly.  Basically, the source that's providing the data values for each filter (such as an XML report if you're using dynamic values from a procedure in the Designer page) needs to also be filtered for the same amper variables so that the list of values will be filtered when passed to the control.  Once put in place, this should provide the same kind of chaining behavior you get with the default filter configuration if you create a chaining hierarchy on the Filters tab.  

Check out the video below and let me know if that helps answer your question.



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