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Anyone successfully integrated the delivery of an Excel file with report Caster?

robert fuschetto

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We have Report Caster running a few fexes and emailing a few charts. There is a desire for detail data for analysis. Analytic HTML reporting is not desired. They specifically want a pivot table. Personally, I do not blame them. I have an automated process to refresh such a file outside of WebFocus.

Is it possible to somehow have report Caster grab the excel file and attach it to an email. If so can you share the specifics?

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Also, I read about the Excel Pivot template option....it seems to tie into my above post....when I try to save the template under baseapp for example...it either times out or results in an error.

I am not sure how to use the FML option...thought I seem to recall an issue with this and linking files, on our Share Drive, using EDGE..our hyperlinks are not a sharepoint site.

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Well I refreshed the xl template against an empty table and saved it under the report caster folder. I think added it as an attachment from there in the Report caster job. If successful I'd get a couple WF charts and the new attachment. The job ran but I did not receive anything. The log seems to indicate it ran though. I was hoping I'd get an email with an attachment and then the file would refresh on open...when I opened it.

Now after an usual amount of time I got an email! However...no attachment..just this..whatever the heck this..any ideas?


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Well I tried with a small word file...same thing:


We are on version 8207v28. Are you on a later version? It simply does not work which means its the software or perhaps something on our end..which means it will never get figured out! Maybe I will have our 'support' open a case. Not holding my breath though.

I watched the video...good to hear Walter's voice again. I tried adding a task-> File as he did....I got an error....perhaps that is a security thing.


But the file is there: image.png.ca9fc3960bde51e5612c3e7428a52a52.png 

Again, this could be a security thing however saving the file in the report caster folder and using the Distribution tab (which I thought was originally what we were after) should work I'd think. It does not.



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The X drive is shared and did NOT expect that to work. There is no area they will let me park it other than Sharepoint and we never had any luck grabbing from there. Ideally I would put it in a subfolder in a baseapp subfolder or in the report caster folder and use the distribution screen (file zip etc)....but as I showed earlier..that does not work.

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