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Anyone ever try the App Studio Format = Excel Pivot?

robert fuschetto

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I was wondering how well it worked, any advise etc. Are there limitations to how the pivot is set up etc. Ex: Can I set it to do Running Total In Dept for example..Can I set up Columns/RowsPageArea,...I am not really sure what level of sophistication is available.

I see this when I set the output and I am not really even sure what to do here:


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8207.28....Understand we need not only to interface it with existing content (10+ years worth) but to also start to use it for new content. We started a new portal with it but it quickly fizzled. I used to have al list...a dozen or so items....from issues with interfacing with HOLD files, to charts not sizing correctly to passing parameters, to drop down list issues...it ran the gamut....it simply would have been a step backward for us so we do not use it. I assume by now they have worked the kinks out...but we must wait.

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We use AHTML now and then but I am not aware it allows the user to move items around etc. Example:


So beneath Division we have SubDivision, Company, Dept, Cost Center, Provider....the user may wish to look at any aggregate. In a pivot they would simply drag and drop from page area etc. I am not sure how that would work here...I'd have to put all those items on the report (across the report?) and have them filter...gets messy. Or I'd need to add drill downs which is more work...

This pivot is easier to work with..of course there maybe something I do not know about AHTML...


I appreciate your time!

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