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Why do reports have "Restrict schedule to Library only" selected?

Cory Vendrely

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I just created a new report, and I tried creating the schedule to email me results, but I noticed that "Report Library" was my only option to schedule. Then, I opened the report's Properties, and I found in the Advanced tab (at the bottom) that "Restrict schedule to Library only" was selected as default. I tried deselecting it and saving, but it keeps reselecting it after I save... This report doesn't seem to have anything unusual inside of it. I have never seen this before. I don't think anyone changed admin settings in our webfocus environment. Does anyone have any ideas? We are on version 9.1. Thanks.

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Hi Patrick. I checked the ReportCaster Configuration and everything matches what your screenshot shows.

I updated the Description of the report and saved it. That saved just fine.

I refreshed, cleared cached, signed out and signed in... Still having issues with the report library check box.

When I first created the report, and tried to schedule it, I only saw the "Report Library" option. No email option.

After that, I opened Properties, Advanced tab, and deselected the "Restrict schedule to Library only" box, and clicked Save.

The screen flashed briefly, and the "Restrict schedule to Library only" box re-selected itself.

Now, if I look at the schedule options for that report, I can see the other options... even though that check box is still selected.

image.png.fb5fa6e5a78c08afc2fa852b543cd021.png I cannot turn this off.


After seeing this, I skimmed through other reports to see if they have the same check box selected. Some do. It seems random...

I had another schedule that failed to email today because of this same issue. When I opened the Tasks tab in that schedule, it gave me an error message about "report library", but I didn't screenshot it (sorry)... I went into the report properties, deselected that check box, and that actually worked. I was able to run the schedule. But my other report will not let me deselect the check box. I'm not sure why some reports do and some don't. I also don't know why this happened all of a sudden. I have created many schedules over the past few years and have never seen this.

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