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Why aren't reports showing in 9.1 search tool?

Cory Vendrely
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We recently upgraded to 9.1, and noticed that the search tool is not working the same as in version 8207.

We have many reports that are titled with a reference number in parentheses.

Example: "(021) Daily Payment Report"

When I look up "021" in the new search tool, I get no results. I've also tried looking up "(021)" and "Daily Payment Report" but nothing seems to find this report. I created a copy of the report and took out the parentheses. I can find that copy easily. So, it appears that any parentheses in the Title of a report will eliminate that report from any search attempts.

Is this expected behavior in the new search tool? Does anyone know if there's a setting I can adjust to fix this? Or does this just mean we need to update the titles of a few hundred reports?



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