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Creating a Cluster View when I hide a field it is still visible when I table file tablename print * end


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Sorry showing my lack of knowledge here but when use WF Reporting Server I hide a couple of fields, in this example SCO Basket Count and SCO Eligible Basket Count so I would expect them to not appear when I run TABLE FILE jrtmp1bv2test PRINT * END.

But they are still visible, I am assuming to do with CRINCLUDE=ALL in the jrtmp1bv2test.mas but not sure how to change that from the interface. If someone knows answer be appreciated.


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That is great, I can't thank you enough for your quick answer,

I do have a subsequent question though if that is ok.

I wanted to hide the field just in the business view, this is so that could have multiple business views all pointing at the same base synonym. The different business views would then "expose" different columns to different users and I would allow different users to see only the fields they should be able to see (I'm pretty sure can do using DBA security as well).

However when I try to hide the field via checking the Internal miscellaneous property it says : "Read only view in the context. To change edit in the base synonym(please see attached). I have done that and it works but...

if I have to do it in the base synonym I can't use the method I was hoping which is to have one base synonym with all fields visible and lots of business views with different fields "exposed". Any further thoughts, sorry to add more to this.(I kind of thought the way I was aiming to use business views made logical sense and I think that is how I used them in the past with WF)

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As you mentioned, if the property is changed in the base synonym, for sure this property will be applied everywhere.

Sure that what you are requesting is possible using DBA feature.

Otherwise, I know that you can create Profile's where a profile can be assigned to a group of users (security group from Security Center)

and where each group can access specific BV (let say that you create one BV per group).

Have a look into the doc, chap 8 regarding BV and 10 regarding DBA : TIBCO WebFOCUS® Describing Data With TIBCO WebFOCUS® Language Release 9.0.0 and higher

Look page 56 for Security profile : TIBCO WebFOCUS® Security and Administration Release 9.1.0

Another option could be to use Reporting Object

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Thank you, I will read it now, I think will be good to get my head around where best to set up data / restrictions, in master file, business view or I guess reporting object

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My table is a FOCUS table, but your suggestion sounds good, the approach I am going to take is to create another master file (obviously with different name.mas) which points at the same dataset and has the access_property=(INTERNAL) (thanks to Martin above) for fields that I don't want people to see. I guess I am not really creating a cluster business view(as only one table involved) but rather what I would term a business view of the the dataset that is different to the original master file where everything is exposed. It seems to be working ok. Thanks for your help.

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Update on my method above. I've just realised I lose the folder structure so I've got to do a business view over the master file to get that info back as far as I can see.

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