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Building a portal in 8207 and want to link one page to another. Struggling to get navigateToPage to work.

Todd Van Valkenburg

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I am creating a new portal in 8207.28 which has multiple pages. I read that you can use the navigateToPage javascript to link one page to another.

I searched the knowledgebase and found a "Business Intelligence Portal" manual that shows an example. The syntax is


The manual says

page1 Is the name of the landing page.

panel1 panel2 Are the names of the panels with parameterized content. 

So if I edit my portal, where do I go to find the "name of the landing page"?

In the Title tab of the page, I see a Panel Title: Department Summary

And in the Content tab, I see a TIBCO WebFOCUS Resources name: Panel_1_2

Which results in...

TYPE=DATA, COLUMN=N6, STYLE=BOLD, TARGET='_self', JAVASCRIPT=navigateToPage ('Department Summary' 'Panel_1_2' 'UnitName' FZROPAL.FZROPAL.FZROPAL_L4_TITLE 'FiscalPeriod' PD 'FYcurrent' FYcurrent 'FYprevious' FYprevious), $

I can see the hyperlink when I run the portal and the parameter values are correct. However, the link does not work. I am wondering if I the first parameter value is bad ('Department Summary'). Do you know where I find the "name of the landing page" as in the documentation when I edit the portal?

Thank you.


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Hi Todd

I wonder if it would help to use the Legacy Home Page, then change the dislplay of the BIP pages using filenames instead of Titles?

See if this helps. First switch to using the Legacy Home page (if you have type it in, just add 'legacyhome' after ibi apps like this: ibi_apps/legacyhome)

Once you have that up, right click at the very top (in 9100 this is called Workspaces - it may still say Domains in 8207) and switch from Display by Title to Display by Name:


Then scroll down to your Portal and see what it's name is. It may just be DepartmentSummary with the space removed.

Let us know if that gets you any closer.


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Of course, I find it just after I post this question. So it is the Title of the Page. Guessing the documentation may be out of date. The issue is the space in the page title. So the Title in the Properties tab says Department Summary. The parameter value should be 'Department_Summary' as in

TYPE=DATA, COLUMN=N6, STYLE=BOLD, TARGET='_self', JAVASCRIPT=navigateToPage ('Department_Summary' 'Panel_1_2' 'UnitName' FZROPAL.FZROPAL.FZROPAL_L4_TITLE 'FiscalPeriod' PD 'FYcurrent' FYcurrent 'FYprevious' FYprevious), $

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Good thought. I did not see a difference when view by Display By Title vs Display By Name.

But I found what I was looking for. Feels like a Monday. Not sure why I did not think of this earlier. When you create a new portal, there is a folder that is created that contains the page objects. So, like an fex, the pages have a name and a title. I was looking for the name inside the portal for the page name when I should have looked at the object itself.

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