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Why are columns not showing in Application Directories?

Cory Vendrely
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Why can't my boss see the information on the right side of the screen? The first screenshot is what I can see. The second screenshot is what my boss can see. Why can he not see the columns in his Application Directory? We followed the same steps, but his isn't showing the same information. I'm wondering if there's a setting somewhere that I'm missing.

We're on version 8207.28.05

my view:


his view:



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Hi Cory

Looks like your boss has his Preferences set to "Show Files on Application Tree" checked.

Here's how you get his view to look more like yours:

Have him Click on the Manage button at the top and choose Preferences...


Then in the Preferences box that opens on the right, you'll see some options with checkboxes. Have him clear the Show Files on Application Tree.


Then press the Update button. I think that'll fix you up.

I never saw this before so this was educational for me.

Hope that helps!


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