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In a Multiselect OR parameter, how can it be set up that none are selected by default rather than all values selected?

Colleen Deal
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When we set up a multiselect OR parameter, every value is automatically checked when the report runs. This is very cumbersome and difficult, especially for parameters with a lot of value options. How can we create a multiselect parameter in which the user selects the values rather than having to deselect them all?

This is happening in WF 9

Thank you!

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That doesn't seem like something that would normally happen. What tool are you using to create the report, InfoAssist or other? What tool are you using to create your page that prompts for parameters, Designer (Assembel Visualizations)? If you could include the line of code of your report with the parameter variable in question, or just all the WHERE clause.

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Right now we are testing WF 9 to complete the upgrade and it seems to happening in all of our reports that have a multiselect. They were all created using WF8 or earlier. Some were created with code, others with the designer, and some in InfoAssist. Here is an example of code:

WHERE APBCONS_PREF_CLAS EQ &YEAR.(OR(<2024,2024>,<2023,2023>,<2022,2022>)).Year;

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With dynamic parameter list or built in, such as in your sample, I don't think that it's possible.

Since ther listed values are "valid / possible" value they are all selected because the reporting "wants to give you all possible data" rather than nothing.

If you were designing your own HTML selection screen it would be possible to create a multiselect without any pre-selected value.

But since almost anything is possible in WF world, maybe someone will have a diffrent answer for you...

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