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What steps to take to expose SYSCOLUM so that it is available for InfoAssist?

Todd Van Valkenburg

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I recently read that the SYSCOLUM mas stores the attributes to all mas tables. I would like to generate a report using this mas as the data source . I do not see an adapter that jumps out at me to expose this mas. I see that it is in the C:ibisrv82homecatalog directory. Do you know what steps I need to take to allow InfoAssist report writers to use SYSCOLUM mas?

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Thank you.

I copied it and I can now use it with InfoAssist. But the only column name appearing is TBNAME as shown in the screen print below. We are using 8207.28.11


And good point about changes in future releases. Seems like an adapter would help with that to point to the source rather than make a copy of it. Perhaps a new feature request?

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You're right. I did a little more investigation and got it to work.

I opened the baseapp/syscolum.mas in the synonym editor tool and save it. I recommend saving it to a new name, for example syscolum_ia.mas and then remove the syscolum.mas from baseapp. This seemed to fix whatever issues InfoAssist has with the older master file syntax.

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Hello Todd,

please be careful to simply copy the system table master files to a new location, these files are used for some internal processing, and do change in between WebFOCUS releases.

If you have an old version in your application search path (APP PATH) and then upgrade, there is a potential for you to break the proper server operation.

A suggestion is to always point to the most current version of SYSTABLE / SYSCOLUM and others, by using the concept of "mapping" (pointing to) a directory and adding it to the path.

This mapping can happen in your reporting server profile (edasprof.prf)

Here is sample code you can use (depending on your environment).

-* Step 1. Map a logical name to the directory containing the WebFOCUS system tables (use double quotes)

APP MAP RPTONSYS "C:ibisrv82homecatalog"

-* Step 2. Somewhere here you set your APP PATH

-* Step 3. Add to WebFOCUS Application path


This method guarantees that you will always pointing to the most up to date version (after upgrades) of your WebFOCUS system tables, and not interfere with any UI components utilizing the SYS tables as well.

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Hi Dirk,

Sounds like a good option and what I was looking for.

So I am trying this on our Test box but I may be missing a step. This is what I did:

1) I edited edasprof.prf and added:

APP MAP syscolummap "C:ibisrv82homecatalogsyscolum.mas"

2) I also added syscolummap to the APP PATH in edasprof.prf

3) Signed off/on to WebFOCUS

4) From the Workspaces, I right click on a repository folder and select Properties, then I am expecting (or hoping) to see the new syscolummap in the list under the "Assign Application Path". But it is not there.


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