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Is there a way to export the Security Center user list to a file? I have access to the License Audit, but we have a security effort and I would like to get the Name, Description, and Last Log in from Security Center.

Garth Colasurdo

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I can't copy and paste the list from the web. I'd do it by hand, but over three enviornments we have several thousands of users.The License audit only has Name, but this is our IDs from Active Directory. Someone will ask for full names. It would also be super nice to get the Security Groups they belong to, but that is a stretch.

This is for WF 9.0 and 8207.

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Thank you Garth, custom reports against the repository always work nicely.

Here is an alternative, a shortcut / one time method:

* In the WebFOCUS Client Administration Console

* on the top right of the screen, there is a menu item labelled "Licenses"

* Sub menu "User Audit" gives you access to a list of configured users / groups / privileges and more

Direct link:


e.g. http://localhost:8080/ibi_apps/WFServlet.ibfs?IBFS__methodName=auditUserCounts&IBFS1_action=auditUserCounts

One of the sections is called "Analysis of Users"

* It shows user groups and License types (IA stands for Info Assist / Designer user)

You can select this table inside the web page, copy it, and paste it into a spreadsheet, and you have a complete list which you can save, format nicely, and structure the way you need.

Hope this helps if you don't have access to the Repository data.

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Thanks for those methods and details. It is funny how I've assumed that select/copy-paste always works on a web interface. :)

Also, the information in the Repository is pretty amazing- though I forget about it all the time. When we audit the security groups and who is in each of them, I'm definitely going this route.

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This looks fantastic and I'd love to use more of this. However, after configuring the adapter (only WebFOCUS Client REST was available on our 9.0.1) I was able to successfully test in the configuration screen, but it failed elsewhere with a 403 - Access Denied. Is there a Role or Rule a signed in user needs to access example.com/ibi_apps/rs for example?

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This is really good, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to connect the UOA_USERS to UOA_GROUPS. I tried to use UOA_GROUPUSERS, but that table only has 40 rows and would have been expecting several hundred, eg User records x Groups per user. Or are they connected through a different tables?

It would seem that the WebFOCUS Client adapter can do it (see below, but I can't get it to work currently).

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I created a custom GET_USERS_WITHIN_GROUP that gets all the users for all the groups.

Its a combination of GET_USERS and GET_USERS_WITHIN_GROUP sample reports.

I attached it if anyone wants to see how I did it, or use it.

I am pretty sure others could come up with a cleaner more elegant solution but it works for me so.


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Thank you Patrick for the link to your tutorial and channel. There is a lot of great stuff in there. However, it seems that my UOA tables are not populated with the data that reflects our environment. For what ever reason, it only has a hand full of the links between users and groups, though it does have all the users and groups. I have a case open to see why that is and if we can get that UOA_GROUPSUSERS re-populated.

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Update 2: thanks for the great suggestions. They all would have been THE solution, but, indeed we are using external Active Directory groups to manage the Security Groups. I was able to get my lists with Powershell (learned something new). However, I will have to match the WF Security Groups by hand. 😥

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