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Windows channel change is now blocking Excel macros - how to fix ?

Martin Yergeau

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Since Windows channel change (2203 - 2205) increased security feature, excel templates file with macros are now blocked.

Even after clicking on "Enable Content" does not work and have the following message :

XLSMacro.thumb.png.c3ccb369b1d65d076681653453b42607.pngI have searched for a solution but the simplest one does not work where it's to save on desktop and change file property to "unlock".

Here is a MS cummunity post : https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/microsoft-has-blocked-macros-from-running-because/4bf4eb8d-5545-4e00-a6a7-a0801e264cc2#:~:text=Open%20Windows%20File%20Explorer%20and,Unblock%20checkbox%20and%20select%20OK.

Does someone have a solution ?


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