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Getting 404 on Tomcat after WebFOCUS client install

Bajr Prakash Singh

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Hello Ron, http://localhost:8080 is running. Regarding repository connection issue....you are right, I already checked the logs before and found issue in event log. But the weird thing is I am able to connect to Repository DB using the required credentials but for same credentials WF is showing invalid UN/PW error.

I am able to connect to the DB server through Linux server so its not the network issue.

Any idea what is could be?

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Hi Bajr. I would take a look at ibiWebFOCUSxxconfiginstall.cfg and check that the repository configuration is correct. Make a backup before you make any changes:





You can change the password in clear text by removing the '[AES128I]', so it would look like this:


After you make this change you must restart Tomcat. My guess is this is not a new repository as I would have expected the Client install to fail. I would also check that you have the correct port for your repository. Note, the repository connection uses JDBC and sometimes that port is blocked

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Bajr. This is a new 8105 install? If it is not a new install, what has changed? If it is a new install, I would have expected the install to fail to create the repository. You could check the install log and that the tables were created in the Oracle schema. I would test the jdbc connection to Oracle from the server where the WebFOCUS Client is installed - ping, telnet, jdbc test tool. I would also open a case with support and provide the Tomcat logs

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Hi Bajr. I am sorry you are still having problems. Be sure you provide the latest Tomcat logs in the case. The log should give some clarity if this is a connection problem or an authentication problem. That is step one. If it is a connection problem, be sure you are testing the connection to the database using jdbc

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