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Code Re-arranging When Open in InfoAssist 8207.28.11

Todd Van Valkenburg

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We recently upgraded to 8207.28.11 from 8202M. A couple of preexisting InfoAssist reports (so far) have broken when the user opens it up in InfoAssist and saves the changes. Looking at the code in the text editor, I see that Joins are intermixed within the Defines.  I can move the Joins to be before the Defines and it fixes the problem in that the report can run again. However, as soon as the user opens up the report again in InfoAssist, the code is rearranged. I cannot recreate this behavior on demand using ibi tables since we no longer have 8202M. And it is unclear to me the exact requirements to generate this odd behavior.

I have a case open but no response yet. So wondering if anyone knows if this issue has been addressed/fixed in later versions?


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