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I'm getting an 403 Forbidden message when I have a fex on the canvas and I click the Run button to execute. If I close the fex, I can right-click on the fex name and select "Run" which runs the fex. Why is this happening?

Rick Koch 3

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Hi Robert. Thanks for the response.


We are going to restart our QA reporting server very soon. After the reboot, I will check to see if this is the cause of the 403.


We don't reboot our reporting servers very often but I'll talk to my team to see if we can do it on a weekly basis.



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No, it was unpublished. I published it and tried to execute it again after I opened it in Text Editor. I still got the 403 Forbidden: message.


By the way, our QA reporting server was rebooted at the end of the day yesterday. When it came back up, I tried the action above and I still saw the 403 error.

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