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The Value of this Variable is Invalid! 'IBFS_args'

Cory Vendrely

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I am seeing this error message when I try adding a simple parameter to an InfoAssist report.

The Value of this Variable is Invalid! 'IBFS_args'

We are on version

This is a very common parameter that we have used in the past. When I save the parameter, and run the report outside of the edit mode, it seems to work... It just won't run the report in edit mode.

Has anyone seen this before



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Hi Cory,

Can you try clearing the cache via the Administration Console > Clear cache Clear the browser cache from all time as well. After doing so, are you still encountering the error

If you are running the report deferred, can you try disabling the 'Prompt for Custom Deferred Report Description' via the Deferred Reporting node on the Administration Console

Please let me know if the above suggestions resolves the issue.

Thank you,


Associate Support Engineer

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