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Anyone using WFRS_NOHS=TRUE to disable Hyperstage

David Hall 5

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We discovered that in 8207, that Hyperstage is installed and the sample retail system is loaded with Hyperstage.

For Retail Samples we have an MS SQL DBMS that we have loaded.

So for us, we had to undo all hyperstage masters, access files and references.

We discovered after asking a vague new WFRS command one puts into the environment cfg WFRS_NOHS=TRUE

If not upon restart of the WFRS, one will get an error along the lines ofError: (EDA60001) HYPER special service crashed

Just curious how many others have come across this


David Hall

BlueCross, BlueShield of Alabama

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Hi David.

Thank you for your question in this Community portal.

It always helps everyone improving WebFOCUS knowledge base.

We found case 02099994 raised in TIBCO Support portal, and as per TIBCO specialist's reply,Hyperstage service is a new feature that is ny default installed along with WebFOCUS Server, so the crash is caused due to the loss of the Hyper paths and resources required by the corresponding Service.

In order to prevent the Service crash, theWFRS_NOHS fdfd needs to be set to TRUE.

Wish you a great day !!!!

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