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Curious if there are any logs or webfocus tables that tracks...

Todd Van Valkenburg

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Sorry, I probably was not clear in my request. Looking for any type of file in the Application Directory that is deleted. For example: mas, acx, sql, etc. Those found on the c:ibiapp directory on our reporting server. So I am trying to figure out when a mas and acx was deleted. I dont see this type of activity tracked in the audit and event logs. So I was just curious if there is another log that may track this type of activity. I am guessing not but worth an ask. Thanks.
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There is no WebFOCUS log that I know of to track this. I dont even think Resource Analyzer track APP DELETEF or DROP SYNONYM commands.

Furthermore if your APPROOT directory points to a filesystem nothing prevents someone that may have nothing to do with WebFOCUS with proper authorization to delete a file from the filesystem. Therefore if you need something to track these changes you have to look at tools at the filesystem level (Windows or Linux depending on your platform)

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