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I am really trying to make an effort to move away from App s...

robert fuschetto

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I am really trying to make an effort to move away from App studio!

This is not pretty at this point but illustrates an issue we have seen again and again.

The goal is to emulate behavior on an HTML page, then ditch the HTML page.

3 things should happen on this page when run. The user makes selection. A HOLD file is refreshed. Charts are refreshed against the HOLD file.

Note, I have put chart content on the canvas that shows error, lets focus on the HOLD file creator content for now.

What happens when this is run is that the sucker auto -runs for what appears to be EVRYTHING See snip1 below. Then if the user makes an actual selection and clicks Submit, it goes out a second time and refreshes the HOLD file based on user selection.


No doubt I am missing something because another visualization I set up seems to behave properly.It does nothing until I click submit. Ill be dammed if I can see a difference though! Help!.

Snip 1 - What you see when you run:


image.png1907698 38.2 KB


Snip 2: Note the the number of records changes AFTER the user makes a selection and clicks: Submit.:


image.png1912546 34.7 KB


Here is the real kickerand I opened a case on this. One would think when it auto runs it would essentially be applying ALL criteria to each parameterlook at the defaults on the snip. But notice that the number of records returned for ALL is less than what we get when we run for a specific Cost Center in Snip 2. It seems that if you have defaults set in the App studio fex, it is applying these defaults when it auto openseven though we have all the defaults on screen in Design Studio set to ALL.

Its using this from App Studio when it auto runs as best as we can tell:







-DEFAULT &IDXBA2 = 30302;


Now, I opened a case on this. For now though, I really just want to stop it from auto running till I click: Submit!

Regarding the errors on those charts. I kind of get that. The hold file must be created before they run. On the HTML page you can control that, ie say that fex1 runs and on completion run the charts. How does one do that in Design Studio

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