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Hi Everyone, Was hoping someone has done tuning on the JVM s...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hi Everyone,

Was hoping someone has done tuning on the JVM settings in the reporting server.

This is for Initial and maximum java heap size and java thread stack size.

There is little info on a a process to follow or what to check for to give some idea on whether the defaults could be improved.

I certainly do not want to pay with the settings in Prod and our other environments do not have the same load.

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Hello Waz, I think there are two schools of thought here.

My preference, is to leave those settings blank. It will use what it needs from all the avalaible memory.

The other route, is to set it to a hardcoded value, if you exceed that, you will get an error.

Back in the day, it was probably more needed to allocate memory, when we had 4G or 8G machines. You didnt want JSCOM taking all the memory, because you needed some left over for the reporting server to run. Or, if you had the client on the machine, you had to allocate. Some for tomcat, some for JSCOM, the rest for the reporting server.

When I was in support. And, people reported errors making XLSX files, we would remove those settings, and generally case solved. My rule was, if it errored with, then remove it.

If you want a setting, I think 2G will handle about any spreadsheet size you throw at it.

I am going with no setting, now that I have enough memory to not have to worry about it.

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We have our settings at 4GB and we still have issues from time to time with large workbooks with multiple spreadsheets with embedded Excel macros (.xltm and .xlsm files). It is better now than it was in 8008 but we still have errors from time-to-time. We have a report that would build in 20-30 seconds in Excel 2003 format with an embedded macro. In Excel 2007, it took over 45 minute and it might finish. In 8207 that time is down to 10 minutes but still too long in my opinion. Without the macro it builds in less than 20 seconds. Not clear why the macro makes that big of a difference.
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