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Is there a feature that allows us to send an email to all us...

Justin Thomas 2

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-SET &SENDEMAILTO=a.b@c.com;






This is an E-Mail notification sent via WebFOCUS

Further documentation is available at the link below:





Your Name Here










-MRNOEDIT EX EDAMAIL &SENDEMAILTO, , E-Mail Notification via WebFOCUS from &IBIMR_user,HTML,mail_file

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Hi Justin

There is the possibility of generating a list of emails using the WF Client REST web services. Id like to ask a couple of questions though.

How many users are we talking about here

How often do you foresee sending an email to Everybody

What is the point of the email to everybody For example, if its a status update like system is down for maintenance, maybe it makes more sense to just change your web landing page for WebFOCUS to something that says its down for now. Or add a System News section to your main landing page for users when they first come in.

Are you using LDAP/AD for your security In that case, you might get emails from there. Also if you use this method for Authorization / Group Mapping, you might be able to add an Group email to your MODOC email servers.

There are lots of ways you might approach notifying users of things. Im just trying to get a feel for the higher level task at hand - how many people, how often and what are you trying to communicate

If youre going to use Security Center as the source of emails, itd probably be good to write yourself a little focexec to select the list of users by Security Group instead of going after all the individuals.

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Hi Toby,

Currently, we have around 200 users, and we are using OPSYS security. We want to notify users in advance of an outage, during which time we will be upgrading our production environment. We will probably not need to do this very often. But, it would be good to have a process in place to notify users as needed in the future.

We are preparing to move to Active Directory, but not quite there yet. Im really just looking for a way to notify our active WebFOCUS users without sending a notification to all 8000 people in our Active Directory, the vast majority of whom will not be affected. I would prefer the option of sending a message over posting something on our home page (some of our users will only access the system a couple of times a month), but I guess either method will work. Im also not familiar with how to modify our home page. Ultimately, I want users to be able to provide feedback on the time we choose so we do not cause a problem if there are particular windows of time when they know they will need access for reporting.

I also attempted to query the UOA_USERS table without any success. Im not sure if Im looking for the wrong table, or if we are not properly configured to read system tables from the repository.

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Thanks Justin - it helps to know where youre trying to go.

It should work for you to just hit the UOA_USERS table and grab EMAIL and NAME where STATUS IN(ACTIVE,AUTOADD) Of course add any other Statuss you like there.

I bet youre just not allowed to see it for some reason. When I check mine, I can see everything.

If you end up putting people in Groups in AD, you can let AD do all the work of assigning users to Groups for you in the future using Mapped External Groups Its nice to push the admin work to the AD folks. Then you can make an email list based off the AD group.

Try getting someone with authority to show you the UOA_USERS and see if you can build a list of people that way. EDAMAIL should work, or you could use some external tool to fire off an email template you made in Word to go to all the users in your list you create.

Thanks again for the description. BTW, Im in the Kansas City area. I presume youre in Jeff City. Its always good to see an organization in KS or MO using WebFOCUS.

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