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How we can check WebFOCUS Repository version by looking the ...

VisuaLizeFOCUS .

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The WF repository layout structure and tables used varies between the various 8.x releases.

There is a utility folder in the WebFOCUS folder on the WFC client that has a number of windows and Linux batch/script files. These are run during the migration process, but also can be run manually.

You may want to look at these and see if any of them could assist in getting the information you need

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I dont know if youd see the repository version sitting in a config file. Perhaps theres something a log file though.

The config files will basically just identify the database you want to use (like Oracle or SQL Server) to hold the repository. Youll have the database servers name and a user ID / password to connect with. But - that is just a pointer to hit the database.

Inside the database is where the repository info will likely be. So a query would have to go off first to check for characteristics of the repository. I wish I knew of an easy place to go get a version of the repository just for informations sake, but I dont know how much you need it.

I see youre going from 8105m to 82x. My guess is your concerned that your repository wasnt updated. The utilities/wfrepos/WFReposUtilCMDLine might be a good thing to check out if you havent already.

Id bet that the event log would complain as soon as it starts up in 82x if your repository is still sitting at 8105m for some reason.

You could test this by making a copy of your 8105m database and then pointing to it in your 82x environment. Try starting up the application and look at event.log. You wont hurt anything other than possibly your copied 8105m files.

Id suggest opening a case if you really need to know how the repository version works.

If you care to give us info on what the problem is that youre trying to solve or avoid, that might help us steer you in a better direction.

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