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Ive been using webfocus for 20 years, I liked it, and now W...

Glyn Derby

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Ive been using webfocus for 20 years, I liked it, and now WF 8 has come along Im exasperated.


ztemp.JPG1871138 22.2 KB


I gave up with freezing headers in WF7 because the alignment wasnt great, I would like to use it. In WF8 I cant turn it off, sounds like good thing maybe. But now the squeeze doesnt work! If the image has uploaded youll see a super wide column with 4 characters in it. There are many more columns to the right which contain ONLY small values with 3 decimal places which are just as wide - any ideas

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V8207 this is code written to run with version 7 in notepad (is there something else I need to include ahead of the freeze)- I cant share the code with you unfortunately but here is a slice of the same report WITHOUT the freeze on (the headings are just off the top of the clip) it fits on the screen - no masterfile changes, no code changes, I just removed the HFREEZE command.

image.png189789 6.78 KB

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