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Can AppStudio run on a MAC...

Douglas Lee 2

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The key to running AppStudio on a Mac is the emulation software you are running on the Mac.

The Intel process is not needed but you need to look at the fine print of what the emulation software says it will do.

I ran Full webFOCUS client and Reporting server (years before AppStudio) on a Mac. I did a presentation showing on my Mac a demonstration using the IBI software. The IBI staff in on the presentation were surprised that it could be done

Remember a Mac is really running under Linux

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Here is a link to a list of PC emulators for Mac

[2021 Guide] Whats The Best Windows Emulator For Mac (minitool.com)

I personally have used Parallels and VMware

Note that some are not free. and my experience is that you get what you pay for.

When I did the presentation showing the WFRS and WFC on the mac, I used VMware.

Key thing also to remember once you emulate a PC, you also need a license for the Windows.

For AppStudio, that would be a Windows 10 license. In my case I had to have a Server license.

The link to the article explains what is going on with each product. Some run on top of the MacOS, others run as under a different kernel.

The key thing to remember is that if you need an 8 GB system for the PC, you must have that on top of the memory on the Mac.

If you need a recommendation and have an Apple Store nearby, you may want to take your AppStudio Specs, and the Windows 10 specs to run AppStudio to the Experts and ask what they would recommend

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